• Heather Camillo

    Instructor: Ms. Camillo

               Art education is a catalyst for getting students eager to come to school every day. In the art room, students gain empowerment and confidence through self-expression. The beauty of art education is that it can also be very therapeutic, reaching out and touching the lives of all students, including those with mental, physical or behavioral challenges.
           As an art educator I will make it a priority to use the arts to create resiliency in other subject areas. I believe that it is extremely important for my students to collaborate ideas, and I also believe that it is vital for faculty members to collaborate with each other in order to reiterate what is being taught in all subject areas. 
         Through out the school year, I will expose my students to all different cultures, religions, languages, customs, and traditions to enrich their minds and shape them into well rounded individuals.
          I believe that art is a universal language and all students from different backgrounds can unify and collaborate in the art room. ESL (English as a Second Language) students should feel comfortable and accepted in the art room, because its basis revolves around visual and hands on skills. Universal symbols often come across in the art room, which will help students lift a language barrier if present.
         My ultimate goal for my students is that in the art room their own individual personalities and expressiveness becomes more outgoing and creative as the year progresses. My personal goal will be to balance the needs of the individual learner with the needs of the classroom community. I will strategize and use different teaching techniques to fulfill this goal and meet the needs of my students. My ultimate goal for art education is to display its value and significance to the community, parents, colleagues, and administrators. Displaying my students’ work in the school and in the public will showcase the value of art education and hopefully give a new found respect and appreciation for this discipline. Like other disciplines we will start off with the basics, conquer craftsmanship and then evolve more creatively, conceptually, expressively, and emotionally.



Discussion Topics

  • The Two Sculptors

    Posted by Heather Camillo on 10/27/2010 4:19:57 PM
    I dreamed I stood in a studio
    and watched two sculptors there.

    The clay they used was a young child's
    mind and they fashioned it with care.

    One was a teacher; the tools she used
    were books, music, and art.

    The other, a parent who worked with a
    guiding hand and a gentle, loving heart.

    Day after day, the teachers tioed with touch,
    While the parent labored by the child's side by
    polishing it and smoothing it over.

    And when at last their task was done,
    they were proud of what they had wrought.

    For the things they had molded into the child
    could niether be sold nor bought.

    And each agreed the child would of failed
    if he or she worked alone.

    For behind the techer stood the school,
    and behind the parent the home.

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