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    Mrs.Mary Dovey

    Instructor: Ms. Dovey


  • 7th Grade: Up, Down, and Around Walk

    Ever wonder why the most popular products are right at eye level in stores? Companies pay more for those spots becasue they know that few people take the time to look up or look down. To build our powers of observation, 7th graders will take an "up, down, and around' walk on Thursday and record what they see, hear, smell and touch--both above and below eye level. Besides writing, students will …

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  • One life. 6 Words. What's Yours?

    The eighth graders recently created some amazing six-word memoirs, many displayed on our classroom walls. To reach a wider audience, Casey has taken the lead in creating our own book which we will publish soon. Also exciting is the six-word memoir video project in which each student will be able to select two memoirs, illustrate each with a photograph and add them to Windows Movie Maker. Look for …

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