Egg Harbor City, New Jersey 08215



Reorganization Meeting  

April 29, 2009

Charles L. Spragg School

Multipurpose Room

601 Buffalo Avenue

7:00 PM



I.                  Open Reorganization Meeting

N.J.A.C. 5:18 Emergency Exit/No Smoking Announcement & Sunshine Law Compliance Statement as follows:

In compliance with the N.J.A.C. 5:18-3.15, in case of fire or other emergency, which should cause this facility to be evacuated, I direct your attention to the location of the exits in this facility.  Also, there will be no smoking in this facility.


This is to advise those present at this meeting of the Board of Education of the Egg Harbor City School District, in the County of Atlantic, that adequate notice has been given of this meeting as required by the provisions of Chapter 231 of the Laws of 1975; that notice thereof has been forwarded for publication in the District official newspapers, posted in the Spragg and Rittenberg Schools, and forwarded to all of the Clerks of the municipalities within this school district within the time required by said Act.



II.               New Board Members Sworn In – Board Secretary

A.      Info: 4/21/09 Election Results:

Richard Dovey                                    131   votes

Stephen Bouchard                              129  votes

General Fund Vote                             Yes –  97         No – 70



III.           Flag Salute/Roll Call

Mr. Bouchard  (’12)             Mr. Dovey (’12)                   Mr. Farnan (’10)         

Mrs. Heist (’10)                    Mr. McGinnis (’11)              Mrs. Williams  (’10)

                                                                                              Mr. Wimberg (’11)


   IV.    Election and Appointment of Officers

A.      President

          Board Secretary calls for nominations (a 2nd is not required per by-law)

          Motion to appoint ________________________, President for 2009-2010

          Roll Call (majority present)


New President Assumes the Chair


B.      Vice President

          President calls for nominations (a 2nd is not required per by-law)

          Motion to appoint _______________________, Vice President for 2009-2010

          Roll Call (majority present)


C.            Committees

Info:  Sign-up sheets to be distributed by President and returned by end of meeting in order for committees to be approved at the 5/13/09 BOE meeting.


V.             Annual Appointments (Roll Call)

A.         Business Administrator/Asst. Board Secretary

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


 B.    Board Secretary

         Motion to appoint Marie Setterman


 C.    Treasurer of School Moneys

         Motion to appoint Ms. Susan Palaia, annual stipend $2000


 D.    Public School Auditor

         Motion to appoint Mr. Robert Swartz and Co., annual contract $15,800


 E.     School Physician

         Motion to appoint Bergen Medical Group

         1.   Review and sign-off on handbook of standing orders & protocol   $250.

         2.   Review and sign-off on tuberculosis screening (students/staff)       $250.

         3.   Conduct student sports physicals as protocol, along with

               appropriate grade physicals    (per student)                                        $30.


F.      Board Attorney

         Motion to appoint Ronald Sahli, Esquire per contract on file


G.       Board Architect

Motion to appoint Manders/Merighi Associates, Architect of Record


H.       Health Benefits Broker

Motion to appoint Management Benefits Solutions, Inc., Helen R. Parker, Managing Director


I.          NJSBA and ACSBA Delegates

   President calls for nominations (a 2nd is not required per by-law)

   Motion to appoint ___________________________, NJSBA Delegate for


Motion to appoint ___________________________, alternate NJSBA Delegate for 2008-2009

   Motion to appoint ___________________________, ACSBA Delegate for



J.          Authorization to Procure Goods and Services through State Contracts

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


K.       Affirmative Action Officer N.J.A.C. 6:4-1.3(c)

Motion to appoint the FDR Principal John Griffith, School & Classroom Practices


L.           Practices & Public Agency Compliance Officer.

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


M.         CEPA (Conscientious Employee Protection Act)  Officer N.J.S.A. 34:19-1

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


N.          Safety Coordinator

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


O.          Executive Safety Committee

Motion to appoint Renee Ahern, Theresa Sartorio, Cathy Bubeck, Joe Hasselberger, and Joseph Smurlo


P.            Title IX Coordinator  34 CFR 106.8(c)

   Motion to appoint Adrienne Shulby


Q.          Custodian of School Records

Motion to appoint Joseph Smurlo


R.           Section 504 Compliance Officer – Grievance Procedure  34 CFR 104.7(a)

   Motion to appoint Gina Forester


S.            ADA Coordinator  28 CFR 35.107(a)

   Motion to appoint Gina Forester


T.            Homeless Liaison per N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1 et seq.; N.J.A.C. 6:20-3.1 et seq.

   Motion to appoint Gina Forester


U.          Integrated Pest Management Coordinator

         Motion to appoint Joseph Hasselberger


V.          Right to Know Officer

         Motion to appoint Joseph Hasselberger


W.         Chemical Hygiene Officer

         Motion to appoint Joseph Hasselberger


X.          AHERA Coordinator

         Motion to appoint Joseph Hasselberger


Y.          Bond Counsel

         Motion to appoint McManimon & Scotland, LLC


Z.           Issuing Officer

Motion to appoint Jack Griffith or designee as “Issuing Officer” of certificates or permits in accordance with the provisions of the Child Labor Act N.J.S.A 34:2-21.1 et.seq. (working papers)



VI.           Annual Motions and Designations (Roll Call)

A.     Motion to approve Depositories for School Funds

Depositories: Sun Bank, Sovereign Bank, Wachovia Bank, Beneficial Bank or any GUDPA or federally approved depository in the state of New Jersey    


B.     Motion to approve Signatures for School Funds

Signatories – General Account (3 of 4 required)

Board President

Treasurer of School Moneys    

   Board Secretary 

   Business Administrator


Signatories – Payroll

   Board Treasurer


Signatories – Payroll Agency

   Board Secretary 


Signatories – Latchkey Funds

Business Administrator          

Board Secretary


Signatories – FDR Memorial Fund

Business Administrator          


Signatories – Lunch Account

   Board Secretary


C.           Motion to approve Tax Shelter Annuity Companies

The Equitable

Siracusa Benefits Program

Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.

Metropolitan Life


D.          Motion to approve Government Money Market Funds as permissible investments by the Egg Harbor City Board of Education, as outlined in N.J.S.A. 18A:20-37(d); and that the business administrator or the board secretary could transfer funds between the money market fund account and the general account.


E.           Motion to approve facsimile signatures on checks/contracts with at least one original signature on each.


F.      Motion to approve and advertise Regular Meeting Dates, Times at

@7:00 PM in the CLS Multipurpose Room located at 601 Buffalo Avenue                                                                                                Attachment


G.     Motion to approve Newspapers for Notice of Public Meetings

1) Egg Harbor News    2)The Press of Atlantic City 

3) The Current


H      Motion to approve fees to be charged individuals who request notice of Board    meetings and other public information per NJSA 10:4-19:

$.75     Pages 1 through 10

$.50     Pages 11 through 20

$.25     Pages 21 and up


I.       Motion to approve district curriculum for all grades pending NJ Core Curriculum Proficiency adoptions / revisions and the District 5 Year Curriculum Evaluation Schedule and District textbook list.                              Attachment


J.       Motion to readopt NJSBA Code of Ethics

         (Code of Ethics and sign-off sheet attached)


K.     Motion to readopt District Bylaws and Policies


L.      Motion to direct Administration to collect pupil information as

permitted by N.J.A.C.  6:3-6.3.


M.     Motion to recognize the EHCEA as Official Bargaining Unit for Egg Harbor City    

School Professional Staff



VII.          Adjournment


             Time: ________